8 Cheap ways to Decorate a Student Bedroom

8 Cheap ways to Decorate a Student Bedroom

As a student do you want to know cheap ways to Decorate a student bedroom without it costing the world? There are loads of ways to decorate your uni room cheaply. Below is some top notch tips to improve your room’s decorations on a budget.

8 Cheap ways to Decorate a Student Bedroom
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While this might sound expensive, we’ve found the best ways to decorate on a budget. Yes, you can have a pretty room and money in the bank!

1. Invest in a blanket

pillow and blanket on a stool
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Dress your bed with a blanket or throw pillows if you’re feeling fancy. These does not only make you look like you have your life and room together but serve well in the winter when it gets a little chilly. They’re also very cosy, making them ideal for when you’re feeling a bit homesick.

2. Buy lamps for extra light

Cheap ways to Decorate a Student Bedroom

A lamp is a great essential to show off your taste. From experience, we’d say it’s best to stick to one to start with, but some rooms may have space for two (lucky!).

Lamps are great for giving off a softer, more relaxing glow than ceiling lights, which can sometimes emit a harsh white light. Perfect for your relaxing haven.

3. Hang photos and prints

picture frames on wall with plant print

Pictures of your family and friends will make you looks comfortable when you’re having a down day and missing them.

Try attaching your photos to some string to display them with a homely touch.

4. Get a pretty bedding

colourful bedding on bed
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When you move into your new hostel in your University, it’s a great idea to bring some homely essentials with you to brighten up the room and add your own personal touch.

Having a lovely bedding is the easiest way to introduce colour and interesting patterns into your new room. You’ll immediately make it feel more like home, without you spending much.

5. Get storage boxes and separators

storage boxes under bed and on wardrobe

If you have a small room in in your student house, you’ll want to make the most of your space and use storage solutions.

You may find that you also have some space under your bed to store some of your stuff. These storage boxes will fit perfectly under your bed and make it easy to access all your favourite items, without your room getting too cluttered.

6. Add wall decals

wall decal gold dots in a minimalist room
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Wall decals are an ideal way to make your new room look luxurious, without having to spend much money.

You can make a pattern with them or just dot them around in places you think could do with an extra bit of love.

7. Hang a mirror

woman looking in mirror
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Are you just a newbie in your University and there is no mirror to be found in your student room? Urgh. We feel your pain.

We would recommend you to check in with your individual mates or landlord if you definitely are allowed to hang a mirror.

8. Get a desk storage

desk with pen pots and gadgets
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Having a desk in your room will give you more space to hold your books, notes and other stationery too.

It’ll save you time searching for those pesky revision notes when the time comes for a last-minute cramming sesh.

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